01) Rodrigo Mateo - Carbon Monoxide (Original Mix)
02) Rodrigo Mateo - Carbon Monoxide (Santiago Garcia Remix)
03) Rodrigo Mateo - Carbon Monoxide (Santiago Garcia Instrumental Mix)
04) Rodrigo Mateo - Carbon Monoxide (Stefan Djordjevic Remix)
05) Rodrigo Mateo - Carbon Monoxide (Praveen Achary Remix)

Release Date: December 12 2011 exclusively at Beatport!!!

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Rodrigo Mateo - Carbon Monoxide // Baires Records - YouTube

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Release Notes:

Baires Records is glad to present "Carbon Monoxide" as the sixth release of this label by the producer Rodrigo Mateo.

"Rodrigo Mateo", Electronic music producer from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Started his producer career at the age of 20,5 years after his first contact with electronic scene, listening djs like John Digweed, Danny Howells, Eelke Kleijn, Henry Saiz, Guy J. Rodrigo Has several influences present at the time of composing. Starting with the abstract synthetic ambient music like The Haffler Trio, Oöphoi, Tau Ceti, Mathias Grassow and Amir Baghiri among others, obtaining from them elements related to a more spiritual side of music, subconscious sounds, which ended in the need to fuse them with the modern progressive house. The only objective in his music is to share feelings and emotions, deep and spiritual melodies, as well as a effective club sound.

BAIRES006 is composed of an original made by Rodrigo mateo, this track called "Carbon Monoxide" including remixes by : Santiago Garcia, Stefan Djordjevic & Praveen Achary.

"Santiago Garcia" is once again with his new musical stlye, tech house mixed with progressive melodies of the genre. His remix si supported and mixed by renowned dj & producer Hernan Cattaneo, entering in one of his resident in Delta FM 90.3 . One of his major influences in this moments.

Santiago also decided to make the version "Instrumental Mix" to hihlight what brings melodic electronic music within, whitout percussions, kicks, bass and everything else

"Stefan Djordjevic" born on 1985th in Belgrade, Serbia. He got interested in music production at the age of 16th and started following since then. His beginings were primarily related to psy-trance and techno but as time was passing by, he found himself in more sofisticated sounds with cheerful melodies like tech-house, deep-house, progressive, prog-house etc. This great producer, that we consider one of the best of the moment. He joins us for the first time in Baires Records by the second remixer of "Carbon Monoxide", he makes the most suitable version for dancing clubs.

And finally

"Praveen Achary", the new age Indian dance music producers and artists are creating their presence far and wide. His diverse international sound is influeced from his strong musical background as well as traveling across the world.His panache & signature style, with an emphasis on a unique combination of "Deep, Tech and Progressive House". As the third remixer of this release, brings as an excellent job in the interpretation of the track, playing an unique way the melody of the original track, using his own synths characteristics of him.

Baires Records is proud of this release and all the artists who make it up.

Written & Directed by Santiago Garcia
Mastering by Santiago Garcia
Design by Jesús Luna