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The members at have asked Kidson the owner of the site a few questions...

1. Do you get a bigger buzz from putting on events or playing at them?

Has to be putting on events for me. I haven't DJ'ed for that long in the scene, only since 2009. I started running my own events in the winter of 2007 though. It all seems ages ago now.

2. Whats the best event you have ever been to not including any you were involved in?

Hard to say, as I try and go to as many different and new events as I can. With my music life having been busy within the last few years I'm not too sure how many I have been to that I have not been playing at or had some involvement within the promotional side of etc.. I guess the night that stick in my mind would be:

Oops @ The Fortress (I feel in love with this venue and eventually used this place myself for hosting events, plus got to meet a selection of top people at that night)

3. If money was no object who would you like to headline at one of your nights that you havent booked before

Really good question, as theres so many people I could book. It would be at a secret small location with The Prodigy live I reckon.

* Kidson collecting a award at The Nu Rave 2010 Awards - Best Breakthough Label also Best Retailer for (2010 and 2011)

4. Now that you are producing tracks and have already worked with some of the artists on this scene is there anyone else you would like to work with on the production front, from this scene or any other.

I really enjoy working with different people, Sanxion would be someone I would like to do something with in the future. Also Twista from Uplifting Rhythm, as I feel our musical tastes would work well. I have a few things planned with different people at the minute but will keep this secret for now.

5. Whats on the horizon for and K2

Hehe whatever I plan doesn't normally happen as I predict. One phone call later and before I know it I am doing another event somewhere.
I am going to work on the 2012 Nu Rave Awards very early next year as I feel this still needs a large push. My plan is just to keep pushing and pushing the scene. More events, more releases, more upcoming DJ's playing out and some more sleep for me would be nice :)

6. We all have those little moments that make all the hard work worth while , what have been yours ?

Easy this one..standing back at one of my events seeing it nice and busy. I often walk around my nights and keep a low key, just clocking what's going on, what the crowd are liking music wise etc..

7. Whats your take on the current trend for jungle sounds, and the move away from the rave/hardcore sound?

It's always good to see music doing well, even if it's not something I promote or work with. Personally I like the jungle sound, I have been playing the new stuff out for awhile now and the crowd seem to warm to it well.

8. You play a lot of different styles - whats your favourite?

Five years ago it would of been Drum and Bass, nowadays it's most things around the 140bpm mark.

9. You've produced a few tunes recently, are we going to see you getting into production in a bigger way in the future?

Yeah this is something I have wanted to have done for a while now. Just time holding it back. I have a few projects in the making. You will have to wait and see!

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Upcoming Bookings:

22nd Dec: ABC (140bpm Mash Up Set) @ Cable, London, UK
31st Dec: Innovation, Epidemik Room (Special Drum and Bass Classic Set) @ Fire, London, UK
2012 7th Jan: Moondance/Frantic Free Party @ Hidden, London, UK
2012 27th Jan: LDF @ Hidden, London, UK