Soundtrack to the Struggle is the long awaited double disc album by rap artist, poet and political activist Lowkey -
and is one of the most important pieces of work to emanate from the British rap scene since its inception.
In a market saturated by major label cliches, Lowkey has bucked the trend, with varying concepts covering domestic
and international issues and tried to become a "voice for the voiceless".
Going against the grain, refusing to conform to the mainstream trends and refusing to shy away from incendiary topics
has truly resonated with a huge number of people. Various videos for tracks from the album have attained massive online
popularity, some already exceeding 1 Million views on youtube.
The album itself has already become a cult hit online featuring in and topping iTunes charts in several countries and even
reaching number 9 in the official UK Independent album chart, a huge feat for a self released title.

Lowkey | Soundtrack To The Struggle is the only place where official physical copies can be purchased of this masterpiece.