48k - Barb Wired

48K - Barb Wired (8*B1T Remix)

48K - Barb Wired (Bad Tango Remix)

Digital Sensations - The Bad Tango remix is absolutely fantastic!!
Run Riot - Solid release - Great ideas from 48k!
Far Too Loud - Bad Tango remix is most to my liking, and very well executed in my opinion.
Sketi - Solid release. Each track has its own killer style. Full support.
Deckwrecker Mark - I like the 8*B1T Remix, because he uses sounds I havent heard before. Other mixes are still good though.
Will Degge - Epic remix by 8*B1T, nothing less to be expected. PHATTNESS
Scritch - The 8*B1T remix brings the rain!I'll be working this into my Friday night set at the Burning Seed festival...
Dads Disco - Such a Quality release my fav has to be the 8*B1T remix its a pure stomping monster cannot wait to release this beast.
Dusted Breaks - Like the original but 8*B1T takes it for me here. Nice release!
Barrcode - Good stuff, into the Bad Tango Remix.
Danny Reject - Sexy stuff! All over the Bad Tango remix like a cheap suit :)
Stephen Cole - I love the original, and really looking to hear more from 48k! Good stuff on the remix tip as well!! Bad Tango has some nice acidic vibes and 8*B1t took it a little meaner. Love the release.
Bill Vega - Going with Bad Tango on this, nice driving rhythm track.
Distorsion records - I love this release, the original track is very classy and the remixes are great! Still we were with the remix of Bad Tango.
Llupa - Some great vibes on this, proper groove based psy goodness. Love how the Bad Tango remix just builds and builds... the other are wicked too, but I'll get the most plays from this mix. Great release!
Pete Helskanki - Its a hard choice between the original and the remixes because they each have their own special character/style. Definitely a strong release, all of the tracks are likely to find their way into my sets.
Inconspicuous villian - Absolutely love this whole release!
Bass reflections - Another great release! Love the original and the remixes. Very strong songs with massive grooves that will rock the crowds for sure!
LuQas - Big ups Yellowfinger! 3 great producers on one release. All good tracks, support from me =)
Hoax - Loving these, both the Original and Bad Tango mix will find themselves quite at home in my sets! Really digging the heavy triplet breakdown on the original, and can't get enough of the rolling psy bassline on the Bad Tango mix!
VIM records - Dope package. Both original and BAD TANGO remix are killer!!
DJ Hook - Great release mate... Like the Bad Tango Remix"
Hunter Vaughan - Big support.
Kelvin Ellgieff - I was excited by the artist and remixers before I heard any of it, and: Love it. The OG is bang on for me - twisty, turny, unexpected, and still drives. Can't wait to play this one. Bad Tango delivers exactly as expected. 8*B1T brings the bass, and the drums smack, another winner.
3-Parts DJ - 8*B1T remix is FIRE!! :-D Will defo be rinsing the Bad Tango remix too...
Lazyboy - Original sounds pretty amazing - 8*B1T remix ftw! bad tango nice roller as well
Mr Nobody - Wow this is one killer tune! with 2 really good and diffrent remixes! :D hard to choose a fav here will support all 3 mixes.. but it if i have to choose i would have go with the 8*B1T rmx its just sick sick sick :D
Kickflip - Bad Tango bring a wicked psybreaks remix to the table here! Also liking the 8*B1T remix.
Home Alone - Really amazing, there's production skills in abundance here. Seriously 48K did an unbelievable job. And his original is my pick. Loving both remixes too. Nice one!
Yreane - Bad Tango remix is nuts. My pick for sure.