Battlefield 3 servers are really Laggy so how can we fix it? Have you noticed lots of lag on BF3 since release? If you haven't then you most likely have a small low res TV hooked up to your PlayStation 3. If you are noticing loads of lag and finding it really hard to target and pick easy shots off then you are suffering from input lag. This is the response time on your cursor when you move your left stick there is a slight lag delay its been driving me crazy. This is mostly affecting people who have large LCD screen in high resolution connected. Dice are aware of this issue and have said there trying to fix it right away. The thing is how can they fix this? Its clear that the PS3 is struggling to cope with these high res graphics HD 720P used in there frostbite 2 engine. Anyway lets hope this can be fixed without loosing any great details. So what i did to fix this input lag problem as a temporary measure was to lower my PS3 screen resolution down to 576 i have noticed an immediate improvement and Im now able to play the game and actually kill people, the graphics look really chancy now but at least the game is playable for me. If this post works for you then click the like it button this will also help out lots of other players suffering with the BF3 Input Lag.