Cause4Concern presents Task Horizon [C4CEVR001]

Cause4Concern Recordings presents:

01 - TASK HORIZON - KILL THE PAIN (feat. Pedro Rodrigues)

- Kill The Pain -

‘Epic’ is the only way to describe the extended intro of Kill the Pain, featuring acoustic guitar and an earnest male vocal.
Then, just before two minutes in, things quickly take a nasty turn as choppy breaks splinter into pieces and the bassline
‘reboots’ The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. An aggressive, genre bending, sure fire floor smasher.


- Letting Go -

Teaming up with Kryteria for the flip, a eurphoric, trancey intro leads into a chainsaw reece, setting the scene for the chaotic
chiaroscuro to come: beyond the drop sweeping synths and ethereal vocal snippets somehow successfully coalesce with heavily edited
breaks and sawing bass, creating a kind of beautiful violence. Subsequently, side effects of Letting Go include spontaneous
eruptions of feet on the floor and hands in the air.

Cat. Number: C4CEVR001

RELEASE DATE: November 2011

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Kill The Pain (feat. Pedro Rodrigues) - C4CEVR001

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