When playing MW3 and Im the host the game is so jerky/laggy all the way through, i noticed it depends what maps Im playing as the host as very few maps are OK. MW3 for me is not really playable as the host, btw my internet connection is 20MB so i should have no issues there. This MW3 lag and jerking in multiplayer is a major fail why didn't they just get some dedicated servers this time around like BF3... PFFFFT.LOL So i was wondering if i have this issue hosting MW3 so must everyone else? This means then some one "the host" is always having a bad game. What's your thoughts on hosting or would you even know if you are the host? Well one way to find out is look at your ping strength it should be at maximum while the others is lower. The other way to find out if your hosting is quit MW3 while playing and you will notice the game searches for a new host that way is a bit extreme and will ruin the game for others playing.