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Placid - Digital River

Placid is the Brain child 38 year old Sergey Tikhonov from Izhevsk Russia. Placid has been composing and promoting his music Since 1994 , although this is his first outing here on Housefly Records "Digital River " may not be his last...

Mixing so many different styles " Digital River" stands up there with the best . The drones of IDM, the pop of Electro/Glitch and of course the Edginess of sutble Dubstep bass lines... Each track takes you on a drifting Journey through Electronic artistry ...

Placid's infulences are evident... леебл as Ninja Tune, Soma Records, Warp Records, the Planet Mu Records.

With tracks such as "Journey to Ixtlan" and "Glimmer" Placid truely shines...

this EP is a must have chill out Essential..

Hit the link to Download the this awesome electronic master piece