1.Drama Speaks (Intro) (Produced by icekream and Troyboi)
2.They Ain't Ready (Prod by Troyboi)
3.Haunted House (Prod by Hayzeus)
4.MMTWGR (MoneyMakesTheWorldGoRound) (Prod by Troyboi)
5.C.V. (Prod by Troyboi)
6.Nintendo Love (Prod by Hayzeus)
7.Im So Gone...feat Nicola Sipprell (Prod by icekream)
8.Turn That feat Giggs (Prod by Hayzeus)
9.This Is NOT A Game feat Nicola Sipprell (Prod by Hayzeus)
10.She Said She Loved Me feat Nicola Sipprell (Prod by Hayzeus)
11.Cruisin Down The City feat Slim juicy (Prod by icekream)
12.No Oxygen feat Wellmax (Prod by Troyboi)
13.Oh My (Lyrican Remix)
14.Rollin In The Deep (Lyrican Remix)
15.Welcome To The Jungle (Lyrican Remix)