We are back!!!

We here at 720 bass like to break new ground with new artists, so for the first time we present Matta and their EP Apart. With a slight step left of centre for us from the get go this ep is on the whole a much more deep and thoughtful affair.

Apart & Infatuation combine elements of garage influenced beats with deep throbbing bass and haunting female vocal hits, combined with future ironmongery. Backed up with a modeselektor style remix from Loopstepwalker its one for the deep crew. Give your ears a rest from the brostep!! Of course we couldn’t let you bass heads down, we have a rep to keep! Empire brings the dangerous bass levels that will stand up to any dance floor killer and thrash it with a rather large stick.

Future perfect label stalwart Troublegum is back with a floor thumping, ear bending, nan exploding EP. Leading off with Vanishing point, taking inspiration from French dons Daft Punk with a vocal guitar lead anthemic number that wouldn’t be out of place on the Tron soundtrack.
Cyber Turtle Jones taking its name from some sort of love child of Teenage mutant ninja turtle characters continues down the future bass route with screeching leads and driving drums, this will bring out the reptilian rage in any raver.
Drunken monster is Godzilla on several gallons of Jim Beam. Giving it a bit more of a funky flip this time, still setting the dials to maximum warp and womp.... Move out of the way Tokyo, Monster Island is having a mash-up in the dance!!!