One of the Sets Puffa did when invited to play in France...

nuff nuff respect to Franc, Alexis, Sabine, Emmanuel, Renegade Genius & Gaffer, DJ Pete, all the Renegade FM Crew that were inside, and most of all my sweet Livvy.

Baptised By Dub - The Criminal Minds
DJs Take Control Again - SL2
Ease The Pressure (Essex Boyz Remix) - Flashback Project Feat. Angie Brown
You Got The Power - Stu & Nee Feat. Karen Danzig
Way In My Brain 2008 - SL2
Angel Delight - Rave Breakz
Where Prodigy Lives - Rave Breakz
Powermove - Wax & Inferno
Pandemic Feeling - Dj Inferno
Take Me Away - JMT
Insomnia (Simon Holmes Remix) - Faithless
Godzilla Strikes Back - Renegade Genius
Take Control (Tenerife Mix) - UFO Project
1066 - Simon Harris
Under Mi Sensi - Eddie Voyager
Devil's Altar (Jungle Breaks Mix) - INSa
War On God - DJ Deluxe
Piano Progression (Malice Remix) - Luna-C
Styler Style - Bertie & Radiophonic Oddity
Sugar Me - Deekline and Ed Solo
Wadodem - Deekline and Ed Solo
Junglecakes002 (b1) - Deekline and Ed Solo
Top Rankin - Deekline and Ed Solo
Good Looking Gal - The Wildlife Collective
Ragga Muffin - Deekline and Ed Solo
Ragga Tip (Walk and.Skank) - The Wildlife Collective
Pass Out (Will Streetwise Remix) - Deekline and Ed Solo
Bad Bwoy - The Wildlife Collective
I Need a Dollar - The Wildlife Collective
Golden Era (Ruff Tactics Remix) - DJ Speaks
Rasta Mouse In Da Jungle (Wensleydale Mix) - Renegade Genius
Come Fi Mash It Up - DJ L.A.B.
Donnette Jungle Remix - DJ L.A.B. & Ninjaman
Yootz In The City (Ruffcut Mix) - Champion Puffa
The Other Side - DJ L.A.B.
Puffa's Anthem - Champion Puffa