title: SOLID
genre: BREAKS
catalog number: SUBTRIBE060
release date: 03/10/2011 (Beatport)



Dubsidia: "Solid is full of energy"

DaVIP: "Liking Solid! Thnx4the pack!"

Macho: "Hello and thanks for the promo. Nice release, both tracks are very good. My favourite is Solid and this one will play on gigs for sure."

Yreane: "Solid" is a nice track. Pretty light and heavy in the same time.*Right for our Break Addiction Podcast :)"

Wavewhore: "Cool Tunes!"

Retroid: "Solid is cool, i would love to hear a breakbeat version from this!"

SK-2: "Breakzhead absolutely killing it with this release!! Love both tracks here, clean, crisp & tight production with filthy chugging basslines alongside a superb vocal makes "Solid" an all round winner in my eyes.. "Tortilla" is a pure filthstep rocker.. love it when it drops back into breaks!!
Real hard to pick a fav here but i think "Solid" just about takes it.."

Bill Vega: "Solid *for me, great stuff, thanks"

Electroshok Recs: "Another great release! Full support for me!"*

Mobius: "Solid is super fat and will be getting plenty of play from me, not so keen on the flip but it's well produced"

Sketi: "Really strong E.P. here. Breakzhead at his best. Solid is just fantastic, I love the feel and groove to this. 9/10."

Llupa: "Solid - Little harder than I normally play, but cool track"


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