The new age and electronic music composer David Wright has been making music for over 25 years and is considered a veteran of the scene. While not attaining the commercial success or mainstream recognition of some of his more illustrious contemporaries, his diverse catalogue has received many plaudits over the years and has featured on film and TV around the world.

'The Spirit of Light' is Volume 2 in the Best of David Wright series and focuses on the artists melodic, new age output from 1988 to 2010 and also includes some rarities and previously unavailable music.

Highlighting the artists trademark melodies and gently rhythmic compositions, The Spirit of Light presents a gorgeous album full of drifting, meditative style instrumental music that includes re-recorded and remastered work from his early years with a couple of later reworked pieces plus the added bonus of 30 minute of previously unreleased material giving a staggering 79 minutes of music.

David's discography is large and varied, so 'The Spirit of Light' is an excellent celebration of the artists gentler style of music and is ideal for relaxation, meditation or to simply just drift off into space on your own voyage of mind and spirit.

It has been said that; "Davids music has the ability to make one feel", and that is certainly true of this emotive collection. Indeed, 'The Spirit of Light' with its strong compositions and emotive quality is proof, if proof were needed, of the artists enduring quality and contribution to the instrumental new age and electronic music genre at the very highest level.