'Music for Angels' is the first in a series of CDs by Trinity, a project featuring electronic music veteran David Wright, Neil Fellowes and Nigel Turner-Heffer.

The three accomplished musicians are also synonymous with the classic electronic rock band Code Indigo, but as 'Trinity' they follow a much more relaxed and chilled path into bluesy chill-out music that also has its feet firmly in the meditation music genre.

‘Music for Angels’ is a gorgeous blend of the beautiful arrangements and delicate keys of David & Neil, underpinned by the gentle acoustic guitar work of Nigel. Indeed, Trinity combines its respective talents to present a unique vision of new instrumental music that's both structured and improvised. It features superb interaction between the musicians resulting in a refreshing style of new age music with strong elements of blues and jazz.

‘Music for Angels’ is music ideal for relaxation, meditation or simply just chilling out. More than that though, it really is music to savor!
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