Hip hop artist N-Os video Mother is a dramatic and emotionally charged anthem to a mom who passed away too soon and all the hurt ad memories that are left behind. The video is well produced with crisp, clear images portraying sadness and grief, as well as pictures of mothers caring and praying for their children. Paced at an appropriately slow tempo, the song, which features Sydney B, has impact and meaning as the vocals get right to the point: I miss my mother, Its so hard/I know shes in a better place, But I cant stop the tears/Cant stop the tears/ and I called my father/He told me my mother just died/Im trying to be strong, Im hurting inside/So I cover up/Im smiling, telling jokes/ But the day my mother died was the day my heart broke/. This is a beautiful and loving memorial to a woman who was obviously a wonderful mom, and a reminder to us all to cherish our mothers while theyre still here with us.

N-O - "Mother" Featuring Sydney B
N-O - "Mother" Featuring Sydney B - YouTube