As Requested -
Champion Puffa 1992 Set on Livvy's 1210s Live on Renegade Radio 107.2FM 2nd Sept 2011

Whats E For Dad (Bass Echo Mix) - Little Jack
No Cocaine (Jungle Mix) - Yardie
Oooooh! - Hardcore Rhythm Team
See The Light - Hardcore Rhythm Team
Flatline - Oxford Ardcore
Oxford Ardcore EP2 A1 - Oxford Ardcore
Biscuit Invasion - Noise Overload
Piano Track - Noise Overload
When I Was A Yoot - Noise Overload
Life Is Like A Dance - DJ Skie
Cant Stop Me - Goldseal Tribe
This Is Junglism - Hard & Pure
The Roach Is Burning - Hard & Pure
Fatty Boom - Under-D-Infulence
I Believe - Da Bass Invaderz
High (Cloud 9 Mix) - Hyper Go Go
Animator - Apex Motivation
Live Together (SL2 Remix) - DJ Seduction
Look To The Light - The Godfather
Feeling Horny - Double Dipped
Illegal Subs - Kaotic Chemistry
Fly Fishing - J R Hartley
E Vapor 8 (Inciner 8 Mix) - Altern8
Activ 8 (Hardcore holoc Mix) - Altern8
Tripper Revenge - The Tripper
Trip II The Moon (Original 10") - Acen
Euphoria - Baby D
I Need Your Loving (Real Hardcore Mix) - NRG Feat. Corgis
Rush In The House (Remix) - Xenophobia
Puffa's Anthem - The Champion Puffa