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Release Date: 5.09.11

5. CADILLAC JACK (Digital only)
6. COLOUR MY WORLD (Free download)

Since his debut release on Dub Police back in 2008, Subscape has come a long way, quickly emerging as one of the most exciting young talents to come out of the dubstep scene. We are extremely proud to announce that he is returning stronger than ever with a brand new EP for the label showcasing a decisive evolution in his sound.

Kicking off the EP is the anthemic 'Turn Me On', a track built to cause havoc on any dancefloor. The dynamic combination of ecstatic synth lines and mechanized bass tones fuse together with the swinging snare hits to harness a new energy in Subscape's music. 'Square Albert' takes this energy and twists it on its head with galloping percussion and colourful rave-inspired synths before bursting into double time drum lines and shooting off in a new direction. 'Universal' is a step into the future carried by a gargantuan wave of bass pressure as the alien lead synth line soars high into the atmosphere and the growling bassline and destructive snares force the track home. Rounding off the vinyl package, 'Apple Candy' takes things deeper with seductive strings, yearning vocal samples and synth lines.

Digital only track 'Cadalac Jack' offsets the knockout half step drum pattern and writhing bass line against beautiful chord progressions and slick synth lines to devastating effect. The EP also includes free track 'Colour My World', a powerful burst of high octave synth carnage built on stadium-sized drums.

Currently in high demand for both his production and DJ talents, this gifted young artist continues to wow people with each move he makes. With an ever-growing list of international bookings stretching out before him and a growing arsenal of music, it looks like his journey is only just beginning and we are proud to be a part of it. Watch this space!

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