For a guy who does everything on his own, this album, "Another Level", is totally amazing. Tunsi takes a stab at the music industry and radio from different angles styles.

He has a lot of interesting social commentary which I think was the reason why hip hop came along in the first place. A lot of videos seemed focused on girls and cars and grills on the teeth instead of focusing on the crap that goes on in this world. Perhaps Tunsi will bring people back around to the important things.

The rhymes are very original, and many of them are socially conscious and concerned with change. In other words, this is smart stuff. The music is beat oriented, but it is smooth and diverse. You get more than one repeated beat per song; I love the album "Another Level". TUNSI is a rare artist, a purveyor of Hip Hop that we immensely respect, the Intelligent kind that we so Rarely receive but when we do, all Respect goes out to the artist. Good hip Hop is a rare jewel so when it comes around we love it. Listen to this song titled "Drown" from Tunsi's new album called "Another Level".


TUNSI, born and raised on the East Coast (CT) is an artist who is bound to conquer radio waves nationwide.

His music blends many types of unpredictable styles and delivers raw lyrical talent over strong beats. TUNSI grew up with the hip-hop scene - break dancing and spinning records in the early 80's. Those hip-hop influences soon inspired him to cultivate his own musical talents that will propel into the next millennium.

He combines his hip-hop roots with a complex, yet contemporary style. TUNSI delivers his raps with a unique style that can be defined as "underground wisdom." He performs with a passion and energy that motivates crowds and reaches his audience not only through his music, but also through his everyday life confrontations that find expression in his lyrics. Armed with ambition and determination, TUNSI will make an impact in the rap industry.

He intends not only to perform as a recording artist in his own right, but also to achieve success in other aspects of the music industry as well. He has composed and copyrighted numerous songs 14 of which are on Behold A King, 25 on The Omen, 17 on The Antidote, and plenty more. All being written and produced by TUNSI himself. TUNSI is destined to succeed as a multitalented lyrical genius.