Elijah J is certainly no stranger to the entertainment industry, as many will remember him as Simba in the Lion King. But he has arrived on the urban/dance music scene with energy, a great voice, and dance moves that defy gravity and pull it all together. In his video, “Meet Me on the Dance Floor,” which is well produced and shines brightly with talent (including Chaz Marcus), Elijah J and his crew put on a show that is impressive and captivating. The video features music that is well mixed and never stops. It’s a pulsating dance groove that makes you get up and dance – if you can. This track is funky enough to get not just a little wiggle out of you – it has a real get out there and let it go, sweat, and move persuasiveness to it. The breaks in the video that allow the dancers to improvise and show their stuff are great, and the pace is one that you’ll find yourself sweating to keep up with but enjoying every minute of it. Hard bass and a true quality voice combined with great rapping set this young artist apart from the rest.

Elijah J - "Meet Me on the Dance Floor"