When a smooth melody intensifies its rhythm in order to accord an overheated dancer`s heartbeat - that could be a true image of a devouring vicious circle. Now it employs the newest Hotfingers release to express its cruel intention keeping your motion under the heat of “By The Way You Dance”. The familiar names in the Dance music industry meet together to diffuse that ray of the merciless vicious trend - Belocca & Soneec as well as Luigi Rocca – a co-owner of the imprints 303lovers/Hotfingers, who makes a Remix called Touchè… Touchè? The Remix name comes from one of Luigi's favorite episodes of Family guy. Check it out here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CQNV6gQYwIw .

Belocca & Soneec - By The Way You Dance (Original Mix)

Belocca & Soneec - By The Way You Dance (Luigi Rocca Touchè Remix)

Download here – available on 29th of July: