Good day ladies and Gents,

Today we at the Extent Recordings Group are proud to announce the launch of the long awaited EP from Tobias named ' Shes moved on' which features a track collaboration with The Breakologists.

All 4 tracks are very outstanding pieces of Drum n Bass music and have been getting support from many DJ's on many radio stations around the globe and in clubs too.

Tobias who hails from the South East of the UK has previously had releases on Broken Audio Recordings, Mindtech and Digilab aswell as a previous release on Extent Recordings on the One Year LP started making beats in the mid 90's using a drum machine and an Atari running Cubase and spending much time in the late 90's to the early part of the millenia cutting dubplates at Music House. Since then Tobias has worked on various collaborations with Genotype, Bones and Darkhalf and has also recently remixed an old Jungle classic for Gappa G and Hyper Hypa with the Breakologists and Darkhalf which will be presented to you in the near future!

He also teaches Music Tech and Music IT at a university in Kent so this man realy knows his Music! Commercial projects include working with Duncan mackey from Primal Scream and He is also a workshop tutor for Pie factory music.

Tobias along with the Breakologist have been residents at Breakology for a good 12 years now and he also from time to time gets to grace his mixing skills on Freestyle FM which is supported and ran by the likes of Bones and Cause 4 Concern.

All 4 tracks are outstanding and of professional standard as you would expect and here is a little write up on each track.

Track 1- Shes moved on

This is a very deep track with strings that will blow your mind away. packed full of real emotion and deep pads, this is certain to grab your attention and absorb you into the Soul of the track. It builds up as it plays on, into an all out roller designed to make you move your feet at any given time! This is a big track indeed and we at Extent are very proud of this release!

Track 2- Sphere

This track is as deep as you can go! Very hypnotic and totally gets you in the zone that was intended when He wrote this track. What with the deep sub low B line pressure and the querky synths and deep beats, this is sure to get you moving your body in no time to the rhythms that have been created. A lot has goneinto this track and you can tell from start to finish. Check it out for yourselves ;)

Track 3- I'm leaving featuring the Breakologists

This track has had so much attention we we're completely taken back by it! Along with the Breakologists, Tobias has created a very soulful masterpiece. You get to hear very beautiful vocals from probably the greatest Blues Player ever to be in our existence, The fantastic 'Lead Belly' which captures the depth of the track along with the stunning pads and deep sub rolling bass with perfection. This is a personal favourite here at The Extent Recordings Group, go check it for yourselves here!

Track 4- Poison Moon

This track is crazy!!! Very original and very dirty!!! The bass work is outstanding and very haunting and translates the title of the track into music with great taste. It's a stomper people and will always make you move your feet on impulse!!! You can check the track here on Soundcloud.

You can find the EP at all the digital outlets online, but here are a few of the major ones to get you started.

More links will be available throughout the week!!

All in all, We at the Extent Recordings Group are very proud of Tobias, he has worked with us since the beginning of the label launch, been very supportive and this is his creation that is of very high statndards and very emotional which is something we are very into at the label. Let's give it up for Tobias!!!

Much Love!

The Extent Recordings Group.