RIDIC018: Tribal Riot - Lights

Release: July 12, 2011

01. Lights (Original Mix) PREVIEW

02. Lights (Ghettface Remix) PREVIEW

03. Lights (Vize & Echoik Remix) PREVIEW

04. Lights (Club Mix) PREVIEW

05. Awakening (Original Mix) PREVIEW

For our 19th release, the London duo Tribal Riot drop a stomping electro-rock track ‘Lights’ complete with blazing guitars and complementary vocals. For the first remix, Ghettface maintains the rocking and fluid vibe from the original and jacks the tempo and the energy in a peak-time destroyer filled with blaring synths and rock star edits. Next, Ridiculoud artist Vize teams up with Echoik, flipping the original on its head in favor of a glitchy, big bass interpretation. Finally, Tribal Riot themselves turn in a club mix appropriate for their name, delivering a tribal breaks track with dramatic acid lines and big builds. Rounding out the package is Tribal Riot’s ‘Awakening,’ a sleazy yet smooth anthem artfully constructed with dramatic synths and uplifting melodies.

Feedback for this release can be found here: http://www.ridiculoudrecords.com/ind...=1_36_RIDIC018

This package is available now exclusively at Beatport and will be available everywhere else August 9th!

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