[PSM003] Roof Light - 'On The Third' EP

Needing little introduction, London based producer Roof Light has been making big waves on the underground Garage/Post-Dubstep scene since his groundbreaking debut 'In Your Hands' EP for Styrax some 21 months ago.

Since then his resume has somewhat multiplied, with a string of releases on esteemed labels such as Millions of Moments, Prolific, L2S, and Highpoint Lowlife to name a few. Continuing on with this impressive run, Roof Light is poised to drop the fittingly titled 'On The Third' EP for Phuture Shock Musik this summer.

Check out the previews below -

http://<a href="http://www.youtube.c...jIo74zSgqA</a>

Due for release in August on limited 12" and Digital

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