Hold tight on our next release from Prato. All aboard to ride the rails on this rollercoaster track.
A remix comes from a new locomotive called 48k.
Full steam ahead.
Choo Choo :)
4/5 in Mixmag Breaks Reviews :)

Myagi - DAMN - this pack crushes it. Proper funky wobble rave, directly in my territory and I'll fully support for sure. Great job guys, original is just slightly bigger for me.
FarTooLoud - 48k remix has some nice elements and a big groove.
Jaime [Distorsion records] - The original is very good with very good line maybe a little more quiet but very dancefloor, but will get the remix of Mr 48K just great, with so much power and punch. A success!
Roxright [NSBradio] - More solid Yellowfinger business. Going with the 48k remix on this one.
Kelvin Ellgieff [NSBradio] - 48k's remix does the damage here, taking Prato's usual warm sound, and makes it just that little bit glitchier and harder. Will definitely play.
Beatmassa [NSBradio]
- Amazing track - Prato once again delivers and 48k takes things to the next level with his remix.
Mr Nobody [NSBradio] - Prato is on fire! love both mixes in this release but the 48k remix is the one for me.. it sits perfect in my sets! love love love it!
Chris [Bass Reflections] - Really into this release. Both tunes have massive skills behind them. Will be supporting.
Scott Remedy [NSBradio] - Prato smashed this one!! Great work.
High Eight [Re:Connect Records] - Wicked stuff! Big up Yellow Finger!
Jack Nash [Simian Sounds] - Diggin these. Will be getting a spin at Simian Sounds, 48k mix for me.
Deckwrecker Mark [NSBradio] - Tough, lots of momentum, a user friendly smasher.
Danny Reject [Rejectbeats] - Wicked stuff again guys! Both good tracks, but the 48k remix wins out for me :)
John Grief [Definition:Breaks] Likin both the mixes - The 48k mix seems very busy and varied but has a good heavy edge to it which i am likin, whereas the orig sticks more to the standard breaks formula and will fit many a set... Good release as ever..
Mad Team [NSBradio] - Another wicked release. SUPPPORT !!!
Mobius [NSBradio] - 48k remix of this is right up my street, will be supporting.
DJ Hook [Breaks.IT] - Great release guys... there's a really lethal sound inside both tracks... like these beats and breakdown a lot, and both tracks are really explosive ;) Congrats for this so fine release... ;)
Damien Smith [Dads Disco] - I will definitely be travelling first class on this Raveytrain. All aboard :)
Lee Martin [Dusted Breaks] - Original is indeed a ravey train monster!Nice Work
Run Riot [We Are Live] - Great energy in this release!
Bill Vega - Nice, very nice!! :)
Kickflip - Feeling both mixes here! My favourite Prato tune to date, backed with a tidy wobbly electro breaks remix from 48k. Remix is more up my DJing street, but quality on both sides.
Access Denied - Thank you! Support both mixes.
Phill [3-Parts DJ/Thump] - Loving the 48K remix! Tis superdeluxemegabad...