APE Music, run by Ben and Lex, has been releasing killer tracks now for over 4 years and with slamming new tracks from Freerange Djs, 601 and a whole host of others the label is sure to run for a very long time indeed.

01. Freear and Ekaj 'Gizmo Stomp (Jinx In Dub Remix)' [APE Music]
02. Dj Prosper and Old Skool Nemo Vs Benjamin Vial 'Bad Bowys (Projectiles Remix)' [APE Music]
03. 601 'I Can't Take It' [APE Music]
04. Freerange DJs 'Drop That Beat (Lethalness Remix)' [APE Music]
05. Freerange DJs 'Body Switch' [APE Music]
06. 601 'Whoop' [APE Music]
07. Freear and Ekaj 'Gizmo Stomp (Snareophobe Remix)' [APE Music]
08. Freerange DJs 'Back To The Old Jack' [APE Music]
09. Freear and Ekaj 'Gizmo Stomp (Resistance Remix)' [APE Music]
10. Freerange DJs 'Party Killer' [APE Music]
11. Ben and Lex 'Makaton (VIP)' [APE Music]
12. Freerange Djs 'Your Mind Your Passion' [APE Music]
13. 601 'White Out' [APE Music]
14. Enough Weapons 'Dropping Morgan A Line' [APE Music]
15. Cut La Roc 'Looking For The Deep Bass (Beatmonkeys Remix)' [APE Music]
16. Afghan Headspin 'True (Fred V Remix)' [APE Music]

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