The long-awaited GOSPEL Album by MCM is finally out! MCM is a veteran UK hip hop artist. The Gospel is the most AUTHENTIC HIP HOP ALBUM in recent years. Dont miss out on it. Check the internet / youtube to see the depth of the GOSPEL ALBUM.. OUT NOW!

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Artist: MCM
Album: The Gospel: The Missing Gems of MCM Caveman (1994-2011)
Genre: Hip Hop (Authentic)
Release Date: OUT NOW
Format: Digital Download (iTunes/7digital/hmv/
Length: 1hr 50min (Double-Album)
Label: I-innovate (UK)
Album Features: TY, DJ Devastate, The Creators, Si Spex, DJ Bizzness, Mr Brown, Maverick, DJ Nappa, Q-Reppin, C-Lone, Rinse Dog (Headcount), Magical, MJ and many more.

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FULL ALBUM REVIEW - Ryan Proctor (April 2011)


MCM - Gospel Album Sampler One:

MCM - Gospel Album Sampler Two:

MCM - Caveman Crew & Tim Westwood (Freestyle)