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The (RE)Mixed In Sheffield album is ready to drop and as promised a mammoth album of over 40 of Sheffield's current hot bands/artists remixed by the same amount of our city's best electronic producers.

Leading the charge is Toddla T who's done a total killer remix of the new, as yet unreleased Steve Edwards track. Matt Helders....yes....Matt Helders has remixed our very own Wet Nuns (Trust us....this is amazing too). Nyra has dug into the Swag vaults to bring an up to date underground house/techno remix for a track off Chris Duckenfield's famously superbad album project.

We've got Andy Nicholson's new Bare Traina project on the case with a Sarah Mac remix and we've got Squire of Gothos mashing up Shinobi, as well as Heaven 17, Cabaret Voltaire, I Monster, Dashikter, The Heebie Jeebies, Checan, UMSD, Alvarez Kings, Neil McSweeney, Hey sholay, Freddo, Grievous Angel, the list goes on, it really does.

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(RE)Mixed In Sheffield Part 1 >>>>

01.Wet Nuns - I Dont Wanna See Your Face (Matt Helders Remix)
02.The Tivoli - Amsterdam Sam (Cabaret Voltaire Remix)
03.Kik - Define My Love (UMSD Remix)
04.Sarah Mac - Everyone Knows (Bare Traina Remix)
05.Mairead - Bearded Sister (Dr Nimble Remix)
06.Mighty & Ross Orton - Fix Your Life Ft Bexual (The Colonel Remix)
07.Cut Your Wings - Cut Your Wings (Rotten Nostril Remix)
08.Death Rays Of Ardilla - Death Ray (Joe Moskow Remix)
09.The Mega Aquarians - Special Beast (Dankle Remix)
10.Nerves - Seames (Throng Of Knobs Remix)
11.Swag - 2+2=5 (Nyra Remix)
12.Skywatchers - Rhythm Of Ashes (Supadubz Remix)
13.The Hot Soles - Percolator (Danimal Swainger Remix)
14.I Monster - Lust For A Vampyr (Loshea Remix)
15.Ruber Laris - The Fear (Up & Atom Remix)
16.The Third Half - Demon Lemon (Set 2 Remix)
17.Heaven 17 - Let Me Go (Emms Remix)
18.Jody Wildgoose - Do Another Dance (Dan Metcalfe Remix)
19.This Party Kills - Your Lips (Dufrain Remix)
20.The Spires - Fireworks (Dashikter Remix)
21.The Ratells - Take Aim - (Skullduggery Remix)
22.Double No No - Bullfight (Adrian Carter Remix)

(RE)Mixed In Sheffield Part 2 >>>>

23. Steve Edwards - Love like Water (Toddla T Remix)
24. Lords Of Flatbush - 999 (Shayzee Remix)
25. Alvarez Kings - Dark Eyed Children (Playground Mafia & BLS Remix)
26. ViperSheff - The Life I Lead (Checan Remix)
27. Shinobi & Kase - Dirty Girl (Squire Of Gothos Remix)
28. UMSD - Darktown Gliderz (Freddo Remix)
29. Driftrun - Addiction (Mr Dubz Remix)
30. Mercury Rising - Halleluja Day (Grasscutter Remix)
31. David J Roch - Skin And Bones (Landfill Squad Remix)
32. Ian Britt - (Nic James Remix)
33. Jube - Deep Blue Sea (Isko Remix)
34. Pistola Kicks - Head In Sand (Pablo Remix)
35. Neil McSweeney - Side To The Sun (Tommy Vicari Jnr Remix)
36. Sweet Willie Brown - Midnight Chick (Phuture Motion Remix)
37. Nicola Farnon - My Foolish Heart (Andy H Remix)
38. The Cartels - True Love Spreads (Growmore Remix)
39. The Hope Explosion - (Liam Logik & D4 Remix)
40. White Buffalo - Fire (Grievous Angel Remix)
41. Hey Sholay - Dreamboat (Pygmy Globetrotters Remix)
42. The Heebie Jeebies - They Say Ft Samurai (Professor Physics Remix)
43. The Purgatory Players - White Mirrors (Paul Sleaze Remix)
44. Sarah J - Then The Light (Psh Project Remix)

Thanks & Enjoy!!

Mixed In Sheffield