harlequins enigma release triple best of album, the journey of harlequins enigma cd 1, 2 & 3

the journey of harlequins enigma is an enchanting personal best of album series covering new age, rock, pop, classical - officially released @ cdbaby.com

the cd's themselves are not ready yet, but harlequins enigma is working on getting the master recordings to the studio.. look forward to that as several of the recordings have been modified for the better for the cd release.

artists involved in the journey of harlequins enigma are: sara jensen, jean michel jarre, vangelis, katie leung, emma watson, klaus schulze, jan riisnes, jan reidar riisnes, stale riisnes, age riisnes, trine, rosa, king diamond, sara q, kitaro, depeche mode, kraftwerk, elin berge, svein tore hindenes, brian eno, jan garbarek, enya, jochen hippel.

availability: http://www.cdbaby.com/Artist/harlequinsenigma