This time Tuamotu will try to catch your attention with the involving groove of Spanish Honey - a tech-house release performed by Baldo and remixed by Arbre Blass & Adam Reeves

Take a listen here:

Baldo Spanish Honey (Original Mix)

Buy it on Beatport there on 20th of May:


Adam K (Hotbox Digital)
Original Mix is best of the bunch here. Will try it out.

Andrea Belli (105 INDAKLUBB)
I have no doubt.....both!!! [Thanks]

Sounds decent, will check out on proper speakers

Rod B. (Mur Music -UMF Radio Ibiza Brazil)
I like the groove...will try=)

MANZONE & STRONG (The Guvernment, This Is London, Tryst, Comfort Zone, Mar186, Ful)
The Original mix sounds HUGE! Great big room sound.

Pena (Flow)
good bass and percs missing on the rest. thanks

NDKj (Heatflow Records)
Baldo is the ONE!

MOMENTUM DJs / SENSiX (Momentum DJs / Botaira Records / Plastic Fantastic)
Both sound good perfect for a late morning techno set in Egg :-) thanks