Up next on Surround Sound is the second part of the Remix series, this time part 2 features brand new remixes from Dissect and new signings South Africa's Subliminal & Alxr. First up we have Subliminal and Alxr remixing Lethal's 'Astral Slide' which was 009 in the Digital series. Keeping the same mellowed out vibe of the original Subliminal and Alxr bring us a real banging rework with some seriously stepping drums and some deep pulsating low end, one for the steppers.

Accompanying this Surround Sound's very own Dissect reworks 'Psychotronics' by Lethal and Able Danger, once again still retaining the elements from the original Dissect brings his own unique style for the remix, rolling drum breaks accompanied with some punchy synth lines and some heavy bass work, guaranteed to rock any dancefloor.


Lethal - Astral Slide (Subliminal & Alxr Remix)


Lethal & Able Danger - Psychotronics (Dissect Remix)

Available to buy now exclusively @ Beatport May 9th, everywhere else from May 23rd.

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