Ellgieff / NSB - Wicked vocal work by Liz Melody. Wardian turns in his usual hard-but-a-little-bit-different - but the Mobius is a stunner. Slinky, sexy, I'll be playing this lots.

Yreane / XSSR - Feel the original.

Dan Random / NSB - Liking the bassline from the original and the mobius mix is also a nice take on this. Wardian mix completes the package with solid breaks

Scritch - I love Lizs' voice. Wardian has properly smashed it once again and I'll be playing this on NSB Radio to raise peoples awareness.

Far too loud / Broken Robot - I really like the Wardian mix with those dark twisted basses.

Lee Martin / Dusted Breaks - Original is HUUUUGE!! Full support.

Run Riot / We Are Live Records - Crazy track! Love the 2nd drop ;)

Kickflip - Cool stuff all round, but Wardian's quirky edged style gets my vote!.

Beatmassa / NSB - Liz Melody on the vocals, Mobius on the remix - can't really go wrong there.

Deckwrecker Mark / NSB - The wardian mix will be the mix Il play on my show as it will go best with my other tunes, although the mobius mix is posibly cleverer.

llupa / NSB - Diggin' the deep styles of the Mobius remix best - solid bass work! Production on the original is sweet.

Boba / Curl & Dean - My fav mix out the 3 is the Wardian remix, this has a smooth bouncy flow about it.

Bill vega - Like all 3 really, will have trouble chosing a fave!, solid track and vocal.

Lazyboy / NSB - Toss up between the Mobius and Wardian remixes - good stuff.

Phill / 3-Parts DJ / Thump - Mobius remix is awesome!

Chris / Bass Reflections - Really loving this release over all.

Duane Barry / Digital Sensations - Remixes both do a good job but I'm all about the original, wicked dark beats and vibe.

The Scientifics / VIM Records - MOBIUS remix is good!.

John Grief / Definition Breaks Records - Nice couple of remixes here - i think the Mobius one just shades it for me with, its deeper vibe and oldskool feel.

Scott Remedy / NSB - Digging the Wardian mix.

48k - Original's slammin, Mobius has a wicked vibe and Wardian tops it all off with a pure slab of filth... Monstrous release!.

Danny Reject / NSB / Rejectbeats - Big tings!!! Just in time for Bristol :) Another seriously strong release. Mobius delivers a belter!.

Prato / NSB - Really strong! Love all three mixes but will probably play the original most. Blastique is one of hotest producers around at the moment.

Roxright / NSB
- I love the original.. Especially now! Mobius gives it a nice twist and Wardian really brings it home. Another quality release, original is the pick for me :D.