Well after a lengthy lay off that lasted longer than we wanted it to
(we couldn't find the right venue) we are pleased to announce that we are back at our spiritual home 'The House'.

......When we heard that The House was coming back to how we all remember, we just couldn't turn the offer down of coming back on OUR terrace, the terrace where NOBODY else threw a party quite like ours.

The House has had a MASSSIVE overhaul and has (in our opinion) never looked or sounded so good. The terrace has been fitted with such an amazing sound system that they are excitedly announcing some MAJOR names and parties throughout the summer (watch this space).. BUT in the meantime, it's time for all of our oldest friends, DJ's, workers, crowd and dancers to join us for the launch of DELUDED ON THE TERRACE for the first installment of what promises to be an amazing summer for us there..

You all remember the drill, you know how this works, we have limited number of pre sale cheaper tickets available for a limited time only, grab these whilst you can.
We promise to bring you back the buzz of two years ago on that terrace, we will not be stopping until the sun comes up - we guarantee you we will be open til 7am..

Along the way we have changed our music policy to go with the sound that we are loving right now, DELUDED has grown up..
Expect the soundtrack from warehouse parties, Brick Lane, Shoreditch and the like, if this is not your thing, then the main room should grab you with its more vocal house led music policy.

DELUDED DJ's (Terrace)
Johnny Bloomfield
Leroy Roberts
Claus Willhelm
Pete Glasspool
Adam T & Tzion Fraser

AUDIO REHAB (Main room)
Kevin Andrews (Hoxton Whores)
Jesse James
Calum Burman
+ More

Tickets are available from Kellie 07886666164 or John 07725360790
More info available from info@wearedeluded.com

We literally cannot wait to see you all there...