Some artists come together to make music and others just gravitate to each other because it's meant to be. That's the case with the powerhouse House/Hip hop/Pop/Electronic duo Mary Keey, who just released their debut single "Not Good Enough," which is available as a free download at Their 5 track debut EP is expected to be released at the end of July 2011.

Comprised of multi-talented members Mary, a vocalist and songwriter, and Phil, who arranges the songs and plays the guitar, piano, cello, synth, and bass, the pair is emphatic that they didn't form the group to make music, but after meeting two years ago at a concert, were simply drawn to each other artistically and felt a calling to work together. They began by recording the songs "Call Me" and "On My Own," which led to the writing of many others. Because they enjoyed working together so much and were so pleased with the music they produced as a duo, they decided to make their artistic endeavors official a few months ago. "Phil was and still is a member of the group Houston!, who will release their sophomore album in June 2011. I've been writing songs since I was 14 first in German and then in English," Mary stated. The two describe their collaboration as "Emotional Voice Meets Guitar Hero."

Describing "Not Good Enough," Mary stated, "I wrote this song when I was about to crack and give up music completely. I felt the pressure to be perfect so much that I almost couldn't take it anymore. In my culture (Swiss), it's almost an illness that everything has to be perfect. So this song is about the feeling of doing something, but never getting to the point where you can say, 'This is good enough.' It's a very personal song".

"Not Good Enough" transitions between a slow tempo tune that quickly becomes edgy and faster paced. It's an emotional track about the pressure of wanting to be perfect and the voices from outside that seek to judge just how well you did, and is an electronic, pop, dance track that is energetic and cool. Featuring a rap in Swissgerman, the song throws off the shackles of the judgmental with a message that proclaims 'Nothing is ever good enough for you, but I'm going to keep doing my thing, because what I'm doing has style and quality. This is me!'

"Not Good Enough" is available for download free of charge at and It will also soon be available at the major online retailers iTunes, Rhapsody,, and eMusic.