Toronto-stationed talent, Mark Mendes takes on Prok & Fitch and their recent instalment on Alex Kenji, Manuel De La Mare and Luigi Rocca’s highly-respected tech print, 303lovers – Cabala. Going from sensitive sounds to a full-scale set of warped and twisted beats, this piece is headlining the forthcoming remix package of the track that is due out on April 22nd, have a listen here:

01. Prok & Fitch – Cabala (Mark Mendes Remix)

Prok & Fitch's - Cabala is one of the great tracks on the market now. Is misterious and bouncing. How could you not fall in love with it?!! This time remixed by Alex Kenji and Angelo Ferreri…

Take a listen here:

02. Prok & Fitch – Cabala (Angelo Ferreri Remix)

03. Prok & Fitch – Cabala (Alex Kenji Dub Mix)

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