Glue @ The Horse & Groom, Shoreditch, 16th April with Mr Sushi!

April is going to be a very special month with one of the events of the decade enthralling the country. The papers have been talking about it for months. The media are planning hours of coverage in the run up to the big day. They'll be street parties, national celebration and lots of beautiful dresses. Yes indeed, Glue is back! You weren't thinking of something else were you?

Our vicar for the night, leading the congregation in celebration of the love between Glue and our fans is the always awesome Mister Sushi. Having first witnessed the blossoming romance back in the heady days of last summer he's thrilled to return to bless the event with his mix of the latest electro bombs and breakbeat classics.

Making sure the party runs smoothly and hopefully avoiding an embarrassing speech is the best man, James Furness. Fresh from an extended stay in NZ dodging earthquakes, he'll now be the one shaking the earth with the relentless bass of his house and electro party tunes.

And last but not least we have two gorgeous bridesmaids in Dr Woo and Gh0sty. The latter is going to be dropping a set of nasty little numbers before desperately trying to catch the bouquet. Meanwhile Dr Woo will be covering for our usual resident bump who's had to take a break due to his habit of crying far too much before playing a set that includes Bonnie Tyler, Phil Collins and Barbara Streisand. We think Dr Woo's filthy techno will go down much better...

So visit the facebook event here for all the details -

And to get a taster of Glue, check out mixes from our nights on Soundcloud -

And remember it's on the 16th April, 9pm to 4am, at the Horse & Groom in Shoreditch, London. The venue's free before 10 so get there early! But if you do miss out it's only £4 after which we think is a small price to pay!

Full Lineup:

Mr Sushi
James Furness
Dr Woo

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