DJ Prosper takes over the podcast this month with a fine selection to get your booty shakin'


01. Prosper and Old Skool Nemo Vs Benjamin Vial 'Bad Bwoys (Prosper and Adam Polo Remix)' [APE]
02. Prosper and Hi!-Population 'Strawberry Moon (Baxter Beez Remix)' [Expressillon]
03. Basement Freaks 'Flamenco Spirit (Prosper and Doublscotch Remix)' [Bombastic Jam]
04. Prosper and Zam’x 'Chavroo Nights (Redux Remix)' [Expressillon]
05. Prosper and Adam Polo 'That's The Way We Like To Funk' [Formule Records]
06. Prosper and Flore 'Fuck The Neighbours' [Perce Oreille]
07. Prosper and Adam Polo 'Iggy Pop On Acid' [Absurd Records]
08. Prosper and Youthman 'Sexual Mecanic' [CDR]
09. Prosper and Zam'x 'Kiss My Neck (Feat Miss Peg)' [Expressillon]
10. Prosper and Kantyze and Blender 'We Can't Hold Back (Feat Adam Paris)' [CDR]
11. Tambour Battant 'Yo ! (Prosper and Zam’x Remix)' [Boxon Records]
12. Prosper and Kantyze 'Get fresh' [CDR]
13. Prosper 'Show Me Some Respect (Zap Pow Die Remix)' [Perce Oreille]
14. Prosper and Pablo Decoder 'Seven Tea' [CDR]

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