Recorded Live on Renegade Radio

Champion Puffa Darkness Jumps Set 26th March 2011



U Do 2 - Soundcorp
Hands Together - Resonate
Outback - Tango & Ratty
Point Of No Return - Madcap
Lessons In Life - Modular
J-Tek House - Outrage
Faberline (Remix) - Soundcorp
Pure Shot Lick - Kosine
Ecconomic Terrorist - Stomp & Weaver
Paragone (Remix) - International Rude Boyz
Love Affair - DJ Corrosion
The Crowd Says Rewind (A-Sides Remix) - C-Bizz
The Box Re-Opens - Kemet Crew
Sing Time - The Terrorist
Warp Ten (Heavyweight Mix) - Rude Bwoy Monty
Quest - Shimon & Andy C
Night Flight - Shimon & Andy C
Babylon - Undercover Agent
The Message - Shy FX
Some Justice '95 - Urban Shakedown
Bad Ass - Mickey Finn And Aphrodite
Hype The Punk - EPS Vs Vibe
Ready Or Not (DJ Hype Remix) - Fugees
We Enter (Deep Forrest Dub) - Aladdin
Peace Love & Unity - DJ Hype
No Diggity (Jungle Mix) - Blackstreet
Give You Up (DNB Remix) - Barry White