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Rockers Dub 006

01. Thorn On a Rose - Hustlas
02. HellNegative - Fourth Kind
03. Drumfoundead - Swanky
04. Peligro - Champion Sound
05. Peligro - Anything Test

Rockers Dub is proud to release this EP "The Swanky Hustlas" with west coast dub technicians Hellnegative, Drumfoundead, Peligro & Thorn On a Rose. This EP has been proven on dance floors across the US and is receiving support from West Coast touring djs like 6blocc, Crs?, Drumsmuggla, Direct Feed, King, Apx-1, Watts Riots and Bodie to name a few.\

Pushing BassLines to a new limit, Rockers DUB releases another piece of DubStep Gold!

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