Definition:breaks 029 & 30 – 100Me – Raw Sweet Part 1 & 2

with remixes from Soul Sinners, Dazz F, and Strange Rollers

Definition:breaks are proud to present a 2 part release from 100Me. Based in North London / Hertfordshire, Alex "Professa" & Tony "Dss" joined forces in Oct 2009 to form 100Me. With over 2 decades of DJ'ing and production experience between them, they combined their experiences from Drum n Bass, Oldskool and Garage scenes to create what they are today.

The Raw Sweet releases have been put together to give 3 different flavours to each part - breaks, dubstep, and hardcore breaks/nu-rave.

For Part 1 – 100Me come with a different flavour for Definition:breaks with the track The Mad Monk - a soulful breaks track with plenty of flavour and roll. Soul Sinners provide a dubstep remix with plenty of growl and clowt! Whilst for the hardcore breaks/nu-rave remix we have Dazz F who lays down a monstrous bass and breakbeat heavy remix.

Feedback for this release......

Far Too Loud - Nice release and good to see the mix up of styles. None of them really fit with what I usually play but the Soul Sinners remix is particularly heavy.
Elektroshok - my favourite track is "dubstep remix" 4/5
601 - we'll be supporting the Dazz F mix cos we dig those drums!
Sketi - Really solid release here. Love the original. It has a great vibe and a really nice rolling feel to it. The Dazz F rmx is my favourite though. Big and chunky. Just how I like my breaks.
Mobius - Liking the Soul Dinners dubstep on this one will support
Original Source - Love the intricacy of this release. Great remix package to boot. Definitely in the bag
Lethalness - nice package!! for me dubstep remix..
Youthful Implants - Great vibes on these, the vocals are powerful. All the mixes are right up my street actually but I think the original holds its own - its got class.
Backdraft - Niceeeeeee can't decide on a fave between 1 & 2
Ceos (Downbeat) - Slapping it big here fellas. All three versions are cool, but I'd have to pick the dubstep remix as my fave! 5/5
Lee Martin (Dusted Breaks) - Really feeling the proggy vibes of the original and has my full support!

100Me - The Mad Monk (Original)

100Me - The Mad Monk (Soul Sinners Remix)

100Me - The Mad Monk (Dazz F Remix)

For the 2nd part of this 2 part release, 100Me come with a more dancefloor aimed track called Fluffy Kitten Sandwiches. With a major DJ friendly intro this tune then drops into the riding bassline that just drives this track on.... For the dubstep remix Soul Sinners are on hand once again to give this release another dimension and some added wobble. To complete the set we have label openers Strange Rollers who take this one into the j-tek direction with moody strings and breakdowns.

Feedback for this release......

Adam Faz - liking all versions, will play out soul sinners rmx, nice 'n deep.
Lethalness - big package!!for me dubstep !! big ups ; )
Sketi - Great release here. Quite minimal but has a great rolling feel. The original and the Soul Sinners Dubstep rmx for me
Duane Barry (Digital Sensation) - Love all 3 tracks! The Strange Rollers remix has a great old skool vibe to it and I'm loving the bassline of the original. Dubstep remix has a great atmosphere and very chilled vibe. Great work all round!
Pale Penguin (VIM) - SOUL SINNERS Dubstep remix is gorgeous! Great darkish atmo and those haunting Detroidish chords are simply astonishing....quality Breaks stuff!
Rumbler (Yellowfinger) - Loving the Strange rollers mix.....will be spinning it :D
Distortion Recs - very good release i love the remix of strange rollers !
Bassrock - Strange Rollers Mix is nice! Not so strange and deffo rollin '!!

100Me - Fluffy Kitten Sandwiches (Original)

100Me - Fluffy Kitten Sandwiches (Soul Sinners Remix)

100Me - Fluffy Kitten Sandwiches (Strange Rollers Remix)

Both releases are OUT NOW at Beatport......

Part 1 -

Part 2 -