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Continuing our kick ass start to 2011, APE Music is proud to bring you a massive party starter from the awesome Lethalness.

'Sensimina' features the wicked dubwise vibed vocals from Don Spider and is a full slab of party breakbeat action and no mistake. Big drums, Big bass, and a wicked breakdown... what more do you need to get your party started right?

On the flip we have Ape fam favourites 601 flipping it on its head and taking us deep... deep into the land of proper ruffneck 140 jungle bizzness.

Big reeses and distorted amens are the order of the day here ladies and gentlemen. Proper heads down action for the raving crew!

DJ Feedback

General Midi : Heavy!
Aquasky : Its all about the amen for me
Pyramid : Loving both tracks, but the ol jungle vibes from 601 just pips it for me, as i feel the vocal works better with the 140 jungle roller tempo. Big tings,would defo play them both out
Jay Cunning : This is rather tasty!
Lady Waks : Good Stuff
Afghan Headspin : BIG TUNES!!!!! APE, what a label, slowly but surely sliding up the greasy poll to the top slot!

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