Nowadays, it is hard for artists to gain fans and be heard, when the means necessary are not within their reach. The site helps artists who would like to develop themselves, apart from the music industry, by providing a powerful toolbox.

The concept, which combines music with fair-trade, allows artists to spread their creations among the communities of, and on the others social networks like Facebook or Twitter. Artists have the possibility to make available to all, their songs via a secured streaming player. The main purpose is to allow everyone to share and comment on the songs they like. The service allows artists to know if they are shared or not, and be notified whenever someone is talking about them, in real time.

On, artists can inform about dates and places of upcoming shows easily. Everybody can share the invitation with friends. One of the others functions, is that the website - as an advocate of the principle of FairTrade - enables artists to link with their profile, a Paypal account to receive directly donations from users, and being helped on their musical projects. Money is directly transferred without any commission.

The most useful aspect of is discovery. The site features an -All Songs Wall-, where everyone can see the latest songs commented. There is also a -Latest Songs Wall-, which is a list of the last songs added. Then it is possible of see the -Top Songs- of the day, the week and the month. In fact, the more an artist is commented on, the higher he is ranked.

These functions are just some of the examples of what the service offers, which is also constantly changing, with improvements done almost everyday.

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