Without having played a single live gig, working from her tiny apartment in Copenhagen, Kat Boelskov has earned a big crowd of fans from all around the world, deeply dedicated to her music. In less than a year, she has reached no.1 on the Reverbnation Alternative chart for Denmark, and has 4000+ fans on her facebook page alone.

Kat Boelskovs debut album 'Amateur' is impossible to define, genre-wise. The sound is both dark and sweet, combining elements of electronica, rock, and acoustics. The songs are nevertheless bound firmly together by the raw, emotional voice and feeling of unashamed honesty running throughout the album.

Due to her decision to stay 100% in charge of the sound on the album, ‘Amateur' is a deeply personal piece of work.

As for Kats musical influences, they are definitely all about the women, with inspirations running from Kate Bush, over Karen O, to Karin Dreijer.

'Amateur' is available for sale from http://katboelskov.bandcamp.com/ where fans are allowed to name their own price, so everyone has a chance to enjoy the music.