Lets kick this new thread off with a old skool classic anthem and a big favorite of mine! Let me be your fantasy by Baby D!

A bit of history for you
Let Me Be Your Fantasy" originated in 1992 at the height of the rave scene. The song was written and produced by band member Floyd Dyce and the vocals were sung by Dorothy Fearon.
"Let Me Be Your Fantasy" is also the title of a completely different song by LeRoux, the lead track on the band's "Up" album released in 1980.

Chart Information

"Let Me Be Your Fantasy" failed to chart when first released in 1992. It remained popular however, and the single was reissued on Monday November 7, 1994. It entered the chart at #3 before climbing to number 1 the following week, where it remained for 2 weeks. It was the 18th best selling single of 1994 in the UK. The song was released for a third time in 2000 with a garage remix. This version peaked at #16 with M.C Dave Chops

Music video let me be your fantasy Baby D

let me be your fantasy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Wt1nvsoKno