Hailing from New Zealand is the duo BOTO, comprised of Yuhei Kubo and Tom Hansen aka: Nasty Genius. Here to give us some dirty filthy smack you in the face breaks! All tracks could easily cross boarders into techno, electro, and breaks! For all you genre jumpers out there this is definitely worth a peep! Dark, aggressive, and on the glitchy side of things just the way I like it!!! Forget about your warm up sets folks this is eyes buggin, teeth grinding latenight shizz right here!

BOTO - November Promo Mix 2010


1.Boto - Skeleton in the Closet [CDR]
2.Boto - Squid Eats Bear [Subtribe]
3.Boto - Tentacle Wounds [Subtribe]
4.Gueirilla Tech - Running the Party (Boto Remix) [CDR]
5.Boto - Booger Dislodge [Subtribe]
6.Boto - Chicken Grinder [Subtribe]
7.Boto - Fly Mecha Butterfly [Subtribe]
8.Boto - City Sulker [Subtribe]
9.Boto - FIne Blue [Subtribe]