Definition:breaks 025 – Lethalness – Isolate EP

Definition:breaks definitely likes to bring you the best Spanish acts – and Lethalness are another name to add to that list! Andrew and Alex form the Gibraltar based heavy bassline addicts and are building up an impressive name. They have remixed Enough Weapons and also Freerange DJ’s for Ape.

Lethalness debut on D:b with a huge 3 track EP of original material. “Distance (Dub)” is a quality track with a full on fluctuating wobbly lead bassline and driving beats. This track is heavy Spanish flavour at its best and goes off proper!
“End Of Time” is a journey into a darker place, but still has massive bass action, major growl, and wicked drops. And believe us - this track also doesn’t disappoint!
To round off this massive release D:b breaks moves into Dubstep territory for the first time with “Solid”. This one definitely kicks big time, and has full on sampled breaks, which means this one will fit in both breaks and Dubstep sets without fail!

Feedback so far for this release.....

Backdraft - wicked EP & Solid is Excellent :)))

Ceos (Downbeat) - Rugged & raw! Liking them all. Full support. 5/5

Bill Vega - Clean, rolling, hard hitting bassline breaks.. can’t go wrong really can you 8/10

Lee Martin (Dusted Breaks) - 'Distance' Has got some welly!!! Nice!

Mobius - You can always be sure there will be some slamming beats when a Definition promo hits and this is no exception. Solid and Lethalness will both get dropped in my sets with Distance being my favourite, proper bassline breakbeat goodness.

Duane Barry (Digital Sensation) - Love the old school beats of "Solid" and all the dirty synth stabs in all 3 tracks especially "Distance (Dub)" which is full on nastiness!

Pale Penguin (Vim) - Really liked "Solid" awesome Dubstep flavour! I'll play this for sure.....

Vinyl Junkie - Excellent release as always

Lightshapers - niceeeellllllllleeeeeeeeeee. im liking 'solid'. good stuff

Lazy Boy (NSB Radio) - particularly awesome release here imo. Really liking Solid, very dope. Distance is defo a keeper as well. End of Time is an absolute beast!

Lethalness - Distance (Dub) (clip)[/URL]

Lethalness - End Of Time (clip)[/URL]

Lethalness - Solid (clip)[/URL]

Exclusive news.... Forthcoming in 2011 - The Lethalness Album on Definition:breaks.... :)


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