Tony Carlucci, Founder and CEO of Dynamic Records, announced that the new CD Stars In Your Eyes by Electronic/Dance group DynamicDestony is being released today. The album is a follow up to the duo's debut album, Kisses In The Evening, which premiered in 2007.

Stars In Your Eyes is a 14 track, energy filled CD, featuring a variety of electronic and pop dance styles. The album could easily be called 'Saturday Night Dance Party', because of the exciting variety of hot electronic dance songs and pulsating rhythms and beats. Each track has its own unique style, yet the album comes together as a whole as an action packed, excite the night, highly danceable and listenable CD.

Commenting on the new album, Carlucci stated, "It's a musical montage of electronic dance music. This album is different from most electronica/dance albums because it's flavored with a variety of beats; it's not the same thing from one song to the next. It's cross generational in its musical appeal in that while it's targeted at the 20-40 age range, it's easily enjoyed by those both above and below that range because of the way the music is served up."

Stars In Your Eyes features several well-known guest artists such as Nicholas Marks who played with Grammy winning artist Elvis Crespo, and performs on the single "Don't Judge A Book". Electric guitarist Paul Kronk is also featured on the track "Start Dancin'". Carlucci takes on multiple roles with the album as a multi-instrumentalist playing keyboards, synthesizer, saxophone and percussion as well as producing, remixing, acting as DJ, and providing lead and background vocals. The group DynamicDestony is comprised of members Tony Carlucci, Rosanna Carlucc, and other featured musicians.

Originality and a unique sound is important to both DynamicDestony and Carlucci who said, "DynamicDestony is different from other groups because a lot of artists seem to try to jump on the current sound band wagon. We don't do that. We take a song, put our creative energies into it, embellish it and the final product is a vibrant track. We don't use artificial vocals we get it right in the studio. Our goal is not to fit into the sound of the moment. DynamicDestony is all about bringing something fresh to the table."

The duo's debut album was released to critical acclaim. called it "An enjoyable 80's influenced, hard-hitting club album that features pulsing rhythms, thumping beats, and a sound comprised of many electronic elements. This album is simultaneously energetic, aggressive, loud, and smooth, and it doesn't waste any time in giving you the urge to dance. Shades of 80's bands like Dead or Alive and Human League are ever present in both the arrangements and the vocals, but DynamicDestony creates a unique sound by combining this with electronica and trance elements."

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About Dynamic Records:
Dynamic Records was founded in 2006 by Tony Carlucci. It is an electronic dance/pop label whose focus is on upbeat and energetic music. Dynamic Records allows artists to truly be creative by allowing them to have free reign over their music, and not be controlled to following one style, or the "latest trend". This allows for more original and creative music. Dynamic Records motto is to release "Music That Moves You". The label works with multiple artists. Various records and remixes released by Dynamic Records artists are available at