The teen phenom rap star, YUNG RO, has just put the final touches on his project, his forth coming album titled IDEOLOGY OF A TRENDSETTER. He branded it a project because the young business mogul expressed how he incorporated music, merchandising, and endorsements into it. YUNG RO says the project has all the ingredient of a trendsetting movement. As a teen having trendy concept is essential for a successful career. The album boast of a list of dance tracks, female download tunes, and heart felt tracks that assure all fans will get a personal insight on YUNG RO. All the tracks fall in place like a puzzle. Fresha Den A Mall, a intoxicating vibe, sets up the homerun for Candy Gurl. Both songs illustrate the importance of fashion and merchandising in a industry capitalized by young consumers. YUNG RO clearly shows that females are his target audience. However he displays a bit of hardness with his true life tracks like Glass Shattered and Wash My Hands. Glass Shattered is a testimonial of YUNG RO experiencing of being shot this past Nov at a St.Louis nightclub. PURSUIT is a cutting edge joint which resurrect the old CB ten codes and language which was popular in the early 70s. Push It Back is a club moving track which features JIVE RnB sensation Tydis. FED X is a song that will definitely invade female bedroom cd radios. YUNG RO created a line of trendy t-shirts branded HOOD CLASSIC CANDY upping the stakes on his capital. IDEOLOGY OF A TRENDSETTER contains the elements of education, fashion, and feeling good. Something that most today music lack. Be on the look out the FALL of 2K10 for the teen phenom masterpiece