Hi Guys, If you have a laptop and you would like to record or broadcast using the mic input this is what you should do if connecting from a line device for example from the line output of your DJ mixer then follow these steps to disable Mic input and activate it as the line input. There a number of ways to do this depending on your windows version here are a couple of ways to enable the line input.

If you have a volume icon in the bottom right of your screen down near the clock area then just right click on that and look for options or recording devices. You should then see devices listed look for Microphone / Line In and select it click apply and your done.

Another way click start and then control panel look for sound devices or hardware click manage devices you should now be on the playback tab, click on the recording tab and select Microphone / Line In apply and your done.

Note if you click Microphone / Line In and have advanced properties you can adjust the recording levels, If not just open up your volume record mixer.