Definition:breaks 024 Neurokrem - Ferrofluid / Horizon

For the next release on Definition:breaks we are proud to bring you a massive slice of Slovenian filthy breaks from Neurokrem.

Ghostrider and Damage began back in late 90's experimenting with wide variety of electronic dance music, but after many years of producing techno tracks they realized that they just could not do any tracks without breaks sections in them. So they formed HardWired and had a release alongside Mars on the Beat Pressure label in 09, but then they stopped producing and placed their efforts into DJ-ing and a radio show. They then met a young talented guy, who was dedicating all of his free time to sound design - Urke_MF, a hiphop producer who was influenced by Drum n Bass. After few drunken studio sessions they decided to work together, and Neurokrem was born.

Neurokrem have already had a remix released on Held II Ransom, and are rumoured to be collaborating with Sinners Inc. Their debut on Definition:breaks is a 2 track excursion into heaviness and filth with a side order of tech topped with a thick slice of breakbeats.

Ferrofluid began life around 8 months ago and has had parts lost in the digital ether, gone through various transformations, and has finally mutated into a evil monster of a track with a scary horror intro and a low down growly drop into some of the nastiest filth to scare the feint hearted!
To compliment the evilness the 2nd track Horizon is a techier affair but with a nasty bass and full on breakbeats thrown in for good measure. To us if LTJ Bukem made breaks they may sound a little like this!!

Feedback so far for this release.....

Duane Barry (Digital Sensation) - Ferrofluid is pretty fucking terrifying! Literally a monster of a tune! Full support from me!

Elektroshok Recordings - great support!! i love ferrofluid!! 5/5 I needed to hear a song like the dark and powerful!

Far Too Loud - Very tough techy tearout production. Don't usually play these tunes much these days but if I was playing a hard breaks set I'd make sure I had these with me.

Mobius - horizon is pretty driving from start to finish but doesn't match up to the depth of Ferrofluid for me.

Pale Pengguin (Vim) - Horizon is a great tune.......dark, dirty and rollin.....will support!!

Lightshapers - niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice. ferrofluid is wicked.

Lazy Boy (NSB Radio) - Horizon is a dark nasty fatty sure to fit into many of my sets, though at first listen I think Ferrofluid may be my favorite with a slightly "bigger" sound.

Neurokrem - Ferrofluid (clip)

Neurokrem - Horizon (clip)

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