Doin it and doin it and doin it well (LL Cool J)

That’s right party people we’re back.

After our killer party with Idiotproof in September we’re once again on a mission to cause more madness on the dance floor.

Like a baby on a hunt for milk, we’ll be crawling back through the Superstores front door and rolling out the fire exit after another mental night of boozed-fluid-bass-sillyness. (Try saying that after a few shots)

This time your faithful Bass dealers We’re Not Cool! and Not Shy will be joined in the Rave-Bassment by Unit 9 and Hot Jam


Unit 9:

Unit 9 are a London based DJ and production outfit made up of:
Sam Barlow and Jon Bell.
After seeing them smash the hell out of the Kane FM tent at this years Wave Form Festival we know we had to get this guys down to the

Their music is so filthy that you may find yourself later at Home trying to bleach yourself clean while re-thinking your whole instances on this planet.
We cannot be responsible for any wired behavior that may take place once you’ve left the party…
You’ve been warned.


Jam Hot:

We posted a mix on our Blog a few months back from this young Don.
2010 has seen him smash up Ministry of Sound at Richie Hawtin MINUS party and play at number of underground party’s both in London and Amsterdam.
We have a feeling a major label is gonna be tapping him up for his studio wizardry very soon.


If this wasn’t enough we’re going Girl Crazy in upstairs Bar.
Yeah that’s right no lads are aloud anywhere near the decks as we welcome an All-Girl line up to Do It’s party room:

Jo & Becks (Twat Boutique / Booby Hatch)
La-La Leanne
Kash'N'Hand (Berlin / Finland)


Remember we kick off the party at 8pm and it’s free all night long.

See you on the dance Floor.

The Do It Family

Dalston Superstore
117 Kingsland High St
E8 2PB